Intimate partner and family violence are intentional patterns of abusive behavior used by one person in a relationship to maintain power and control over another.

Intimate partner or domestic violence can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual.  It is about the abuser establishing power and control, and a survivor is never to blame.  No one has the right to hurt you.

CVTC is here to help. We know that everyone responds differently to abuse, and that some have a different name or no name for it at all.  Regardless, the effects of abuse cut deep, and CVTC can help. We provide individual therapy to help you make sense of what is happening, and to heal from it.  We also provide support groups for male and female survivors of intimate partner violence in English and Spanish.

If you have been hurt

  • Go to the nearest Emergency Department. At Mount Sinai West and St. Luke's Emergency Departments, you will be met by a Volunteer Advocate who can help you through the process.  Emergency Department staff will take photos of your injuries and will create medical records that can be helpful in the future should you choose to report to the police.
  • Consider calling 911. Calling 911 will trigger a police response and may result in the arrest of the perpetrator.  A report will be made and you may become eligible for a Criminal Court Order of Protection.
  • Tell someone close to you.  If you feel able, tell a safe family member or friend what has happened.



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