We need your support more than ever before.


Our federal funding is under threat

CVTC is heavily supported by federal funds, including those provided under the Violence Against Women Act. These funds are now under threat, and losing them would be disasterous to a number of CVTC's signature programs. The effect could be devastating specifically to survivors of sexual assault, and d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing survivors of violence.

Here's how you can help:

Use the website WriteToCongress.org to contact your representatives and tell them to preserve the Violence Against Women Act.  Use this helpful website to do it!



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We're turning 40 and we're leaving the nest!

This year is our 40th anniversary, and after four decades of life within the auspices of Mount Sinai West and St. Luke's Hospitals, CVTC is going independent! We are in the process of incorporating as our own 501c3 nonprofit organization. We are ecstatic. This transition will allow us to reach and empower more survivors than ever before while maintaining the crucial partnerships we've forged.

Here's how you can help:

Financial support is what we need most as we enter this new phase! Every dollar counts and will help us with the new costs we'll be taking on as we grow. If you'd like to help in other ways (like donating 15 beautiful desks for our future office, monthly snacks for our clients, hosting a fundraising event, etc.), we can think of lots of ways for you (or your company) to help.  Let us know what you're thinking!

Donate Once

Donations to CVTC are fully tax deductible, and make a profound difference in the work that we do.