part three




JJ began his healing work at the Crime Victims Treatment Center in September of 2015.  

Like so many of the clients we see, the idea of addressing his past was so overwhelming that he cancelled two intake appointments, but found the courage to come in for the third.  He dove into the trauma work, and after 10 months of intense individual therapy and a support group for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, JJ emerged empowered and enlivened.  Three days after his last session, he flew to visit his family in the Philippines.  For the first time in decades, JJ felt the freedom to be himself.  He no longer felt weighted by a cloud of shame and pain within him.  Like the buildings in the Philippines JJ worked so hard to restore, the work he did on himself has left JJ feeling whole.  His memories are no longer in control; he is.  

We at CVTC could not be more grateful to JJ for sharing his story.  We celebrate his courage and resilience.  


JJ will become a Volunteer Advocate next year.  
That's how he chooses to give.

 We hope that this season you'll choose to support our program too.  When you make a donation to CVTC, it goes directly to making sure that any survivor of violence has access to the transformative healing services that JJ did.