We're here to help.

If you have been hurt by violence, CVTC is here to help. Whether it happened yesterday, last month, or thirty years ago, we are here to support you in every way that we can.  

Our services are all completely confidential and free of charge.  They include:


At CVTC, we believe that any individual seeking services should have access to them.

CVTC Services in ASL

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If you are Deaf/deaf or Hard-of-Hearing, we want our services to be accessible to you.

You can contact us by calling
(212) 523-4728

or send an email by clicking here.

When you contact us, please tell us your preferred mode of communication. We are happy to schedule an interpreter for you, but need 48-hours notice.


Crisis Intervention
CVTC’s 177 state certified Volunteer Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Advocates provide crisis intervention and advocacy to survivors of violent crime who visit our three Emergency Departments.  Our Volunteers are trained to provide acute crisis counseling, criminal justice advocacy, assistance with filing claims for reimbursement with the New York State Office of Victims Services, shelter placement and many other supportive services.

Individual Trauma-Focused Therapy
CVTC's licensed clinicians are experts in the treatment of trauma resulting from interpersonal violence. They understand the ways that being hurt can impact a person's life and they know how to help.

Group Counseling
CVTC also offers 15 unique and tailored support groups for survivors of violent crime.  From our childhood sexual abuse processing groups to our weekly acupuncture clinic, we are constantly expanding our group therapy program to address the emerging needs of our clients.  Many of our groups are offered in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.  

Legal Advocacy
Through a partnership with CONNECT, we are thankfully able to offer the services of a Legal Advocate to assist survivorsof Domestic Violence with issues related to reporting to the police and/or District Attorney’s Office, court proceedings, obtainingorders of protection, immigration processes and asylum seeking.  Additional partnerships with Manhattan Legal Services and the New York Legal Assistance Group allow us to make sure that all of our clients have access to legal assistance. 

Psychiatric Evaluation
CVTC is one of very few programs state-wide offering psychiatric evaluation, consultation, treatment and medication supervision for clients suffering from severe symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at no charge.

Complementary and Holistic Therapy
CVTC is pleased to offer several forms of alternative therapy to our clients.  These modalities include meditation, guided imagery, hypnosis, shamanic journeywork, art therapy, and others, are offered in conjunction with trauma-focused psychotherapy.  In addition to reducing anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of PTSD, this work can be an effective alternative to psychiatric medication.