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The Crime Victims Treatment Center was established in 1977 as a community response to a sexual assault that took place in Morningside Heights. CVTC was the first rape crisis program formed in New York State, and remains on the forefront of progressive healing services for survivors of all types of violence.

Our services, including trauma focused individual and group therapy, advocacy, crisis intervention, complementary therapy and others, are offered completely free of charge. These services not only allow individuals to heal from the effects of violence and trauma, but are also instrumental in thwarting the cycle of interpersonal and intergenerational violence, one survivor at a time and on a community wide scale. In response to the need for our services, which have more than doubled since 2007, CVTC made the decision to transition from a Mount Sinai hospital-based program to self-governance. After extensive and careful consideration, we concluded that this is the surest way to sustain our mission and expand our programming by up to 50% within the next five years, with a focus on providing services to the most vulnerable populations of survivors including those who identify as LGBTQ, non-English speaking communities, d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing survivors, incarcerated victims of sexual violence and those who are uninsured or underemployed.

Position Overview

Crime Victims Treatment Center is seeking a dynamic individual with substantive experience to take on the exciting task of building CVTC’s first ever Development Department. The history of development at CVTC has consisted mostly of public and private funders noticing the organization and saying “hey, we find your work impressive.  Would you like a grant to expand it?” While this strategy has been successful in building the program a robust budget over $2 million (60% public/30% foundation/10%individual), our future programmatic goals will require a more proactive, thoughtful approach to relationship building and fundraising.

This forward thinking individual will be a collaborative part of CVTC’s team, and will work closely with executive staff and the Board of Directors to cultivate a broad fundraising and communications strategy, along with a Development Committee, being mindful of short and long-term goals.  This talented individual will also identify and cultivate relationships with new stakeholders to ensure the growth and sustainability of CVTC’s resources.

The Senior Development Manager will report directly to the Executive Director. There will be future opportunity for both individual and departmental growth.   This is a full time position with quite excellent benefits. Salary will be commensurate with the experience of the selected individual.


All responsibilities reduce to creating a robust, savvy and effective Development Department that fits within the mission and vibe of CVTC, an organization that will never forget its roots in the grass, but will continuously work to meet the ever increasing needs of the communities it serves. The Senior Development Manager will have a strong hand in propelling CVTC into new and exciting treatment areas for survivors of trauma.

Creativity and Leadership
This person will be deeply excited about building a development program at CVTC. They will lead all elements of the program with the support of the executive staff, and will be comfortable cultivating buy-in from a program staff that has little to no concept of what development and fundraising entails, though is quite open to the importance of it.

Things That Come With Building A Development Department From Scratch
If you’re the right person for this job, the title of this section will not only thrill you, but leave you with an understanding of what is to be done.  From building a donor base and tracking supporters in a database, to engaging and cultivating those who populate it, to working with the Board and staff to create pointed fundraising plans and guiding them to success.  The chosen applicant will understand CVTC’s voice, work and vibe, and will enjoy leveraging those things to secure a sustainable and expansive financial future for the organization.


  • 3+ years in fundraising and leadership experience in a nonprofit

  • Database management experience

  • Ability and openness to maintain a flexible work schedule, including evenings and weekends

  • Comfortable creating and meeting measurable targets and holding staff accountable

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including the ability to lead or facilitate meetings

  • A high level of respect for confidentiality and ethical practices

  • A deep commitment to the mission of the Crime Victims Treatment Center

How to apply

Send a thoughtfully crafted cover letter along with your CV to

Please no calls

CVTC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, or any other category protected by law. CVTC is committed to employing a staff that reflects the diversity of communities served by the program.